Applied Carbon Methods

Applied Carbon Methods

This course has been created specifically for the online MSc in Carbon Management, reflecting the cross-disciplinary nature of the programme, as well as the niche aspects of Carbon Management as an emerging discipline in its own right. This is an applied course, with expertise centred on research methods specifically aligned to Carbon Management, providing research skills that may be useful both for the final MSc project and future careers in the areas of carbon and climate change.

The course can be undertaken as a stand-alone module or as part of Certificate, Diploma or MSc qualification at the University of Edinburgh. For more detailed information about this course, please review its DRPS entry in the University Course Catalogue.

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The University defines the dissertation as an extended piece of scholarship in which students have the opportunity to study in some depth a topic (largely) of their own choosing. In practice, the subject will be chosen iteratively on the basis of students’ own interests, what relevant staff are able to supervise, and what is feasible given the literature and time available.

The dissertation should be distinct from earlier assessed work by the greater depth of comprehension and criticism demonstrated. Equally, students are not expected to undertake the exhaustive scale of literature review or empirical work typical of a research degree. The dissertation may vary in the breadth of coverage. Since the time available for this work is short, it is not expected that the dissertation should report notable or original contributions to knowledge. The point is that it must have a clear focus with definable objectives and boundaries, achievable in the time and word length available.