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Content Delivery

All courses on the MSc Carbon Management online are delivered through a mixture of online lecture study, online readings and online role-play based exercises. The online lectures are presented through short video clips, animated slides, images and text. Each course employs a range of assessment types, including video presentations, essays, blogs, and project reports. There are also virtual group catch-ups with the course organiser run twice a week every week during the semester, and the opportunity for one-on-one virtual meetings. 

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Expected Time Commitment

Each core course is worth 20 credits with an estimated time commitment of 200 hours each over the course of the semester. This includes time required for lectures, discussions and readings, as well as the time spent in reflection and application of ideas for assignments. As a rough guide, in a 20-credit course you are likely to need to spend 10-20 hours a week during semester-time reading and actively participating in the programme, with more around the time of assignment completion. However, because all of the courses are delivered online, it is quite flexible in a way that campus based courses can’t be. Any students who have concerns about their work-load should speak to their personal tutor or the Programme Director who will always try to help.

Student Testimonials

I thought the video format of the online course was really great. It is more similar to the lecture format that I had while I was not an online student, so the transition seemed easier, and I sort of expected this format when I enrolled. I also thought the regular hangouts worked well and kept us on track and focused.

Most of all I appreciated your flexibility in our scheduling. I also thought the reading/work load was completely do-able and appreciated the more scientific and technical nature of some of the readings, despite this being a broad course.

I also really loved loved loved the video assignment. This type of mini production technical skill set is becoming more in demand, especially in my line of work, and it is nice to see this reflected in the course.

Courtney, June 2013

I have to say that your module was my favourite this year and the lecture videos/slides were really helpful. It also made it feel more like I was actually at university, which I liked.

If you are developing a new online course I can't think of many suggestions because it worked so well. It was important to have regular hangouts and that should be maintained. When we don't have regular contact it is hard to build rapport and feel like you have support if needed for the course and especially for the all important coursework.

I always liked to make use of 'office hours' at uni and I guess the regular hangouts were like that. …if we missed something it was posted online so it was actually very well planned.

Alex, June 2013
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